IXD104 : Travel app mind map + my concept and initial sketches

Here is the mind map I did to start together my brain to come up with a good travel app idea:

From this  I decided to base my travel app around food since I had the most ideas for it. When I go on a trip abroad I love making plans around what cool restaurants or new foods I want to try while I’m there. So, I thought of an app idea for people like myself who enjoy planning their holidays around food.

They’re a bit rough but here are some of my initial sketches and planning for this concept:

I’m not entirely sure of the layout just yet but I’m gonna keep thinking about it and do up some wireframes. I know for sure that I want a home screen with a kind of overview of places and foods and that there has to be a sort of calendar of planner aswell. I also think that it would be a good idea to have a sort of Wishlist even just an icon because it would make sense for people to mark place they’d like to go or food they’d like to try in a particular place but don’t have a plan (or the disposable income) just yet.

Since this is an app that is based on what I like to do I think I want to design it based on what would appeal visually to a young adult like myself and I love things that are just a bit gimmicky. Since the app isn’t really a travel necessity people won’t have much incentive to chose it over more utilitarian apps with a large array of different functions unless it it offers a fun and unique experience.  I want the style of illustrations and icons to be fun, colourful, playful, cute and maybe a bit silly.



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