1XD101 Week04- Typography Exercises

During this Monday’s lecture I was given the task of taking a letter and changing it’s character by adding or subtracting from it. I chose a capital L since that’s what my name starts with and here is what I did:

What I did was relatively simple. I just cut segments off at an angle and placed them back only this time leaving a gap between them and the main body of the L. It may be a simple approach to the task but I think that it has quite a dynamic feel to it, like when lighting strikesĀ or when glass shatters.


We were also given the task of combining pairs of characters in 6 different ways reflecting work of Kuns and Weingart and here is what I did for that:

Another task we were given was an exercise in typographic hierarchy. We we given information for an event poster an were asked to present this content in a way that we felt would best suit the message. Here is what I did:



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