UX Trends is an up-to-date website that tells us designers all about what is happening in the world of User Experience. This can be referred to as a  newsletter for designers. Within the website, there is a short paragraph that explains the current situation of UX and how its creating an impact or opportunities for designers. Personally, this is my first time using this website as I have never used it for any particular purposes. I will certainly be looking at this website to keep my UX career as secure as possible and to stay up-to-date on any new skills/practices. The fact that the website is constantly updated is effective because designers can read and learn in the fastest way possible. I was able to look at what is happening with UX in e.g. 2018. 


Overall, I loved using the website and I would certainly say to all designers to have a look at UX trends and UX collective. It allows us designers to stay up-to-date with any information regarding the design tools like Figma, Miro…… the list goes on.