This article is all about finding out if UX is a good career choice for me. As a designer it is important to know what kind of sector I would like to work in. There are various careers within Interaction design that I can look into. However, UX is a popular career of choice that students look into when studying this course.


Meghan from UX Collective structures her article using skills and traits. 




  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Project management 
  4. Problem-solving



  1. Open to feedback
  2. Being adaptive
  3. Listen to the user and be curious.


The way I want to approach this  article is by listening to the skills and traits mentioned. I want to make sure that I am familiar with these skills in order to get better at UX. Since studying interaction design, I was getting more and more familiar with user experience. I had no knowledge or skills with UX design before IxD. I wanted to take in the skills and traits mentioned in order to become a UX designer.


I want to learn more about UX and how it is used within the industry. I want to get familiar with talking with clients, how to research for a project etc.