Walk Cycle, Run Cycle and Body Mechanics (2D)

For my walk and run cycle and body mechanic I decided to make it in 2D. I used Krita for this. For my walk cycle I was just aiming for a casual looking walk, nothing expressionistic or anything. I got my inspiration from just watching people walk in videos and in real life. I started…Continue Reading Walk Cycle, Run Cycle and Body Mechanics (2D)

Assignment 2 – Cute Character

For this assignment we have to create a cute character. The idea being organic modelling. For the lessons over the first few weeks of the assignment, we were shown how to use blender to sculpt shapes and create models. I found the sculpting part enjoyable once I got the hang of it. Over the weeks…Continue Reading Assignment 2 – Cute Character


As a homework we had to take 3 characters and draw over their underlying form. I tried to pick characters with different designs so I wouldn’t be doing the same thing 3 times. I picked Patrick from Spongebob, Mordecai from regular show and also Spider-man. For homework I drew out 12 thumbnails which involve different…Continue Reading Coursework