IXD303 – Final Screens & Conclusion

Below are images of the final screens for my finished product – Core.


Remembering how this app started out, and seeing how far it’s come now, I’m very proud of myself by what I’ve managed to create this semester. I really enjoyed the development of the Core app. I love how calming it feels to look at and navigate through, and how lovely all the little icons turned out. It also allowed me to dig deeper into an illness that I struggle with myself, as well as a lot of family and friends that I know.

There was some complication with keeping up with this work along with my other module’s work, the Apollo space programme. I feel that sometimes I was putting more work into the other module than this, when it should have been the other way around. However, things really came into focus around the time that I started my re-branding, and that’s when the app really took off. I think, in the future, I should keep a careful plan on what’s to be done for each module, and to set aside time for both instead of trying to keep up with both modules simultaneously.

I’ve really enjoyed this semester’s content, and Paul’s lectures have been very engaging and insightful. I look forward to developing my knowledge further in final year, after my placement.

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