IXD303 – Week Twelve: Critique

This week’s class was our last class before Easter, and for the semester, so we had a group critique on our products as their are close to being finished.

I really appreciated this class, as it gave me one last opportunity to receive feedback and an outside input into what’s good and what’s not good about my app so far.

Paul seemed to really like my redesign, as did the rest of the class. He said that the blue and pink might be a little too similar, and that I should probably put a darker colour on top of the two. I agreed with him, as the white text above the blue was extremely hard to read. I know now that I should only use the very dark blue on top of those colours when I have text.

Paul also said how the icon boxes should include things to differentiate them, which is good because this was my plan anyway. I haven’t got the icon set built yet, but I plan to include a new icon in each box so the user can tell what they are.

The final point Paul made was that I should probably move the hands of the main logo down, as Core should remind people more of their stomach, whereas this looks like it’s in the chest or heart, and while it does make sense in a way that Core is about everything – mental and physical health – it is mainly about IBS, and that’s in the stomach.

Here is the feedback I received from everyone else:

  • fun and playful font
  • good use of information
  • strong graphics
  • love the colours and font
  • love the font
  • love the orange and pink combination
  • the illustrations are really pretty and the orange and pink colours look really good together. the font choices are really nice as well
  • good choice of typeface. i like the use of your logo and brand on your home screen. very nice colour combination used throughout your design
  • entire brand is so professional but also fun and playful, the colour scheme works really well and i think the dark orange contrasts really well
  • lovely logo, the colours you’ve chosen work really well together and give the app a very peaceful, calming feel. the illustration you have on your first screen is really cute and overall your ui is looking pretty polished. also i love the little square face dudes (so cute!)
  • love the illustrations
  • i really like the wordmark, typeface, colours work well
  • i love the muted colour palette and illustrations, really adds to the brand
  • love the font
  • i like the simplistic swipe-through look and feel
  • lovely brand and nice illustrations
  • very calming vibe to the app
  • colour scheme is unreal, works really well
  • love the friendly feel to the font

I can use all of this feedback to better my app, and begin moving towards the final product.



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