Month: February 2022

IXD304 – Typeset Task & Research

In order to gain some more understanding of type, and all the different elements that make up a good piece of typography, Kyle asked us to perform a task around taking a piece of raw data and typesetting (or formatting) it appropriately. Kyle showed us a few helpful resources for typesetting in our projects, such…Continue Reading IXD304 – Typeset Task & Research

IXD304 – Week Two: Typography (Micro and Macro)

Today’s class was all about typography, and the importance of it in a design concept. Bringhurst Typography exists to honour content There is a style beyond style Read the text before designing it Web design is 95% typography. 95% of the information on the web is written language. Mark-up and Meaning H1-H6 Introductory paragraphs Blockquotes…Continue Reading IXD304 – Week Two: Typography (Micro and Macro)

IXD303 – Ideation & Branding

To begin the development of my project this semester, I firstly need to turn to my list of ideas created based around healthcare, and all the subject areas that I can consider basing my product around. There are a few subject matters I like in this list, such as: healthcare for animals mental healthcare applications…Continue Reading IXD303 – Ideation & Branding