IXD303 – User Personas

In order to get a better understand  the needs, goals and behaviours of my target audience – those suffering from IBS – I am going to create a set of fictional characters that will represent these sectors. These will be my user personas.

Before beginning, I need to think about all the things I want to consider adding to my user personas, and what should and shouldn’t be included.
They should include:
  • Name and biography
  • Story
  • Needs
  • Current uses
  • Quotes
  • Goals
  • Frustrations

I decided to write out a few personas based on this list.

Name: Olivia
Story:  Olivia is a teenager living in Belfast, UK. She currently attends secondary school, where she is busy studying for her GCSE exams. She has suffered from anxiety since her early teens, and has been showing symptoms of IBS throughout the past year. She wants something to help keep control of her IBS symptoms, and to find out more about the chronic illness, and how she can manage it throughout her life.
Needs: More information on the illness, as well as a method of keeping track of symptoms
Goals: To become more aware of IBS, such as it’s causes and triggers, and how to better manage it in her lifestyle
Frustations: Little or no access to information about the illness, and uncertainty about symptoms

Name: Robert
Story: Robert is a free-lance graphic designer living in Belfast, UK. He finds his work-life to be very stressful at times, which has a negative effect on his IBS. Robert would like a way of finding out what triggers his IBS most, causing flare ups in his symptoms. He finds that there are certain meals he cannot eat without a flare up, so he would like to know what is in those meals that react against his IBS.
Needs: A method of keeping track of his food
Goals: To keep track of his meals and find out which foods trigger him most
Frustrations: Unknowing which foods he can and cannot eat, which causes flare-ups

I also decided to put these into a more stylised design according to my brand:


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