IXD304 – Week Five: Narratives and Print in Film

Today in Kyle’s class, we explored how narratives can be used in print and film. We explored: The Blurring of lines… We looked an animated intros and how these can be used to set the scene Creating a World We looked at work by Simon Wild and Annie Atkins who design assets in graphic design … Continue reading “IXD304 – Week Five: Narratives and Print in Film”

IXD303 – Week Five: Content Design

Today’s class was all about content design, and how to properly use and map out content within a site or app. Everything is Content Typography shapes words Loren Ipsum serves no one gov.uk VS gov.ie Creating an easy user journey Users can easily find what they are looking for Government Digital Service start with needs … Continue reading “IXD303 – Week Five: Content Design”

IXD304 – Week Three: Art Direction

In today’s class, Kyle gave us a presentation on Art Direction, and making art as our own decision. The art direction is your decision. It doesn’t have to be a sans serif type, and if it is, each of us will handle that differently. “Surprisingly, art direction is seldom taught in schools and there is … Continue reading “IXD304 – Week Three: Art Direction”