IXD303 – Final Screens & Conclusion

Below are images of the final screens for my finished product – Core. Takeaway Remembering how this app started out, and seeing how far it’s come now, I’m very proud of myself by what I’ve managed to create this semester. I really enjoyed the development of the Core app. I love how calming it feels … Continue reading “IXD303 – Final Screens & Conclusion”

IXD304 – Final Website Design

Here are the final images of my Apollo website: Also, here is the link to the published site, which allows you to see the animations and scroll through the site itself. https://theapollospaceprogram.webflow.io/ Conclusion I really enjoyed the production of this project, and I learned a lot to do with Webflow and creating animated sites. In … Continue reading “IXD304 – Final Website Design”

IXD303 – Week Twelve: Critique

This week’s class was our last class before Easter, and for the semester, so we had a group critique on our products as their are close to being finished. I really appreciated this class, as it gave me one last opportunity to receive feedback and an outside input into what’s good and what’s not good … Continue reading “IXD303 – Week Twelve: Critique”

IXD304 – Week Ten: Storytelling in Design

Today in Kyle’s class, we had a guest lecture from the company Big Motive, featuring guests Rachel Orr, a content designer, and Pearse O’Neill, an interaction designer. Big motive is a design and innovation studio. They collaborate with purpose-driven teams to create digital products and services that improve people’s lives. What is storytelling in design? … Continue reading “IXD304 – Week Ten: Storytelling in Design”

IXD304 – Week Nine: Amplifying Data

In today’s class, Kyle talked about data, and the importance of it in today’s world. Companies that we know and use everyday, such as Facebook and Instagram, are all free to use. The exception is, they are taking your data, and using that to make their products better for the users. Data is everywhere: Migration … Continue reading “IXD304 – Week Nine: Amplifying Data”