IXD301 – Week Seven: Portfolio Critique & Elements Brief

Portfolio Critique

We received critique on our portfolio sites this week. Here is some feedback that I gathered for my site:

What they liked:

  • the colour scheme
  • the accent text hover detail on the home screen
  • spacing and layout

What they would have changed:

  • added more detail to the case study links on the home page, such as what roles you had in the project
  • more navigation, maybe at the bottom of each case study
  • more information on the about page

I will use this feedback to better improve my portfolio over the next few weeks, so I can begin to apply for placement opportunities and showcase my work to potential employers.


Our next project is all about the periodic table, and the elements it is made up from. Our task is to create a website or app around the periodic table, targeted towards either undergraduate chemistry students or primary school children.

This week, we were tasked with organising raw data from the periodic table into a spreadsheet:

I organised my table into the following categories:

  • atomic number
  • name
  • symbol
  • category
  • year discovered
  • state at room temperature
  • colour
  • forename(s)
  • surname

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