IXD302 – Pitch: Creating Slide Decks

I wanted to begin the development of designing my slide decks as soon as possible, now that I had my idea down, and the pitch is in two weeks. Firstly, however, I needed to come up with a suitable name for my product. Choosing a Name I decided to create a mind-map displaying an array … Continue reading “IXD302 – Pitch: Creating Slide Decks”

IXD302 – Pitch: Inspiration for Slide Deck

Before I begin designing my slide deck, I want to first do some research into existing pitch slide decks, as well as look for inspiration into well-designed presentations. Otario Otario is a product pitch that Daniel introduced to us as one of the previous student’s pitches. I really liked the design of this slide deck, … Continue reading “IXD302 – Pitch: Inspiration for Slide Deck”

IXD302 – Pitch: User Research & Personas

In order to gain my own information and research into the existing problems faced by the public, I decided to compose a survey based around the effects of the pandemic on mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as its effects on long-distanced relationships. For this survey, I used Google Forms. I felt this was very … Continue reading “IXD302 – Pitch: User Research & Personas”

IXD302 – Week Ten: Proof of Concept & Initial Research

During this week’s class, Daniel talked us through the importance of creating a concept that people actually need, that doesn’t already exist, as well as finding research through existing apps and users. One of the first things he talked us through is how to conduct a SWOT analysis for our product ideas. I found that … Continue reading “IXD302 – Week Ten: Proof of Concept & Initial Research”

IXD301 – Week Ten: The Art of the Pitch

During this week’s class, Kyle gave us a lecture on the art of the pitch – how to make a good presentation, and how to sell your product or brand to clients and your target audience. The end of this semester requires us to present our projects – both our portfolio site and our elements … Continue reading “IXD301 – Week Ten: The Art of the Pitch”

IXD302 – Week Nine: Pitching & Presenting

During this week’s class, Daniel gave us a talk on pitching and presentation techniques, and how to go about doing well when presenting our product pitches. He gave us a list of basic rules to follow when creating our pitch presentations: Use one typeface No crazy fonts Use subtle transitions Short videos/GIFs sparingly Use bullet … Continue reading “IXD302 – Week Nine: Pitching & Presenting”

IXD301 – Week Nine: Usability Testing

In this week’s class, we learned about usability testing, which is essentially watching how people use your project so you can figure out what needs to be changed or improved, as well as what has went well so far. ‘In a usability test, one user at a time is shown something (whether it’s a Web … Continue reading “IXD301 – Week Nine: Usability Testing”

IXD301 – Elements: Prototyping

  Moving my designs onto Figma, I began the process of developing my app’s prototype. Colour Scheme Firstly, I wanted to create a colour scheme for my app. I wanted the colours to represent space, but also be bright and child-friendly. Because space is deep and mysterious, I thought purple would be the best way … Continue reading “IXD301 – Elements: Prototyping”

IXD301 – Elements: Chosen Idea & Wireframes

From my research, I gathered a wide range of ideas for my elements app. What makes a good educational game? easy to follow and understand child-friendly colours and typefaces simple but fulfilling reward system I will use this information to begin the formation of my own ideas. Ideas I wrote all my ideas down as … Continue reading “IXD301 – Elements: Chosen Idea & Wireframes”

IXD302 – Week Eight: Briefing & Idea Generation

During Daniel’s class this week, we were introduced to our new project brief – to pitch an idea for a digital product. This product can be anything we want it to be, including, but not limited to: Web Site (Something Substantial) Native Application (Phone, Watch…) Web App eBook Printed Book Cards Physical Product Packaging System … Continue reading “IXD302 – Week Eight: Briefing & Idea Generation”