IXD301 – Week One: Introduction & Briefing

In our introductory week into second year of Interaction Design, Kyle talked through what we would be covering this year, and what projects we would be producing in the next coming weeks. Kyle also talked us through this module’s content and an overview of the project, which was all about creating a Portfolio site to showcase our work, which would be useful when applying for placement next year.

Content Audit

Kyle talked through the basics of designing a portfolio, and what should come first – content. Everything that will be included in your portfolio should be considered first before anything else. Having too much unnecessary content can lead to an overcrowded portfolio, which can deter potential employers. All your content has to be necessary, and having a meaning. Therefor, it is useful to come up with a content audit as a guide to what content your portfolio needs. The content audit typically includes navigation, links, photos and text.

It is also useful to create a set of wireframes for your content, to make it easier to see how your content should be laid out in your portfolio. For example, what different pages can the home page lead to through navigation? How do you get to the about page?

It is important to consider your content when designing a portfolio. This class was very useful in helping me to understand how to properly lay out a portfolio site, and how to come about making a site that employers will find easy to follow. I think I tend to just add things as they come along to my projects, which doesn’t always end up giving me the result or the quality that I want, so creating a content audit and wireframe will help me to properly lay out my content and organise what content I need to start building in order to prepare for my portfolio.

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