Semester Two: Reflection

This past year, while new and exciting, has been rather difficult – I’m sure plenty others can agree the same. Beginning university in the midst of a pandemic has definitely shown its problems and obstacles. But I’ve really surprised myself this year at my determination to do great, and proven that I’m much more capable than I ever knew.

The work this semester seemed a lot more lenient and design-based than last semester’s – getting to create our own travel app, a portfolio website, and an infographic on a subject matter of our choice. I spent this semester being very excited as to what ideas I could come up with, and getting to see my ideas coming along and forming into reality was really cool. I’m proud of the work I’ve achieved so far. Like I said, it was more than what I thought I was capable of, and I’m pleasantly surprised. It makes me very excited to see what new projects next year will bring.

I did allow myself to drift off from time to time, however. I think the whole work-from-home situation caused by the pandemic causes me to be easily distracted by things around my living space, and deter from my work from time to time. I had this problem last semester, and I commented on how I was going to try and work on my procrastination. I have picked up on it more than last semester, and have pulled myself back to focusing countless times. I’ve been able to produce what I believe to be a good quality of work, and I’m genuinely happy with my final outcomes.

I’m looking forward to next year, and the possibilities it will bring.

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