IXD104 – Infographic: Sketches & Development

Sketches & Wireframes

In order to prepare for my final design, I have produced a series of wireframes that I want to base my final design around. I will move my development to in Illustrator, where I can begin a digital process.

Out of all three of the designs, I like the second the best. To me, it flows better than the rest – everything is evenly spaced out, it reads from top to bottom with a lot of ease, and each section isn’t too cluttered with different elements such as text or image. I will use this wireframe to base my design around.

Colour Scheme

Through my research, I have learned that a consistent colour scheme is one of the most important elements of creating a successful and professional infographic. I want to create a colour scheme that is both strong visually and also relevant to my subject matter.

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