IXD104 – Travel App: Chosen Idea & Wireframes

After further thorough research, I have come up with the idea of producing a travel app based around using trips and locations in a social media, allowing users to record their recent trips or holidays, and view other’s recorded trips, and add each other as friends to keep up with where they’ve been.

This is a notes page that I sketched my initial ideas on:

A few ideas I had for screens are:

  • A home screen
  • Profile page
  • Activity/news feed
  • ‘Your trips’ page
  • Map page to show your past locations, with a time/date included
  • Individual pages for locations, with a section for reviews
  • ‘Add a trip’ page, with a search bar or location service to insert the exact location, options to add photos, a rating and review, as well as edit the title of your trip and add friends to the trip


With my chosen idea ready to begin development, I began by sketching out a few ideas for screen wireframes.

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