IXD104 – Travel App: Mind Map & Ideas

Mind Map

To begin my ideas for my own travel app, I wanted to create a mind map to help define the theme of my app, by thinking about different locations in which a travel app could be used.

Chosen Ideas

On my mind map, I highlighted the ideas that I thought would be most interesting to carry out. I have then written a short paragraph about each of these ideas below, expanding on what they do and how they will perform as functional to the user.

Shop Discounts/Deal Finder App

This idea focuses on an app that uses your location to find shops near you, then tell you the latest deals and discounts from those shops. It will also be able to show you where the shop is on a map, and a brief description on what the shop is/sells.

Language/Translation App

This app will use a translation service to translate text to speech, as well as speech to text, in a wide variety of languages. This will be useful to those travelling to destinations where the primary language is not their first. The app will also be able to allow the use to take a photo of text or signs, and it will translate it for them to whatever language they desire.

Transport App

This app will feature a selection of transport options available, using location based services. The person using the app will either use their location feature, or type in the place they are staying/will be staying, and select their preferred method of travel, then the app will bring up a list of times, routes and travel information.

Beach Finder App

This app will feature a list of beaches within a certain area or location. The user will simply use a search bar or a “use my location” feature to find beaches in the area they desire. Then, after a list will appear, the user can click on each individual beach and find out more about it, including what facilities it contains, its exact location (using a map), as well as a photo of the beach.

Star Gazing App

Probably my favourite idea, this app aids in the user in successfully star-gazing in whatever location they are in. The app will show the user the best star-gazing areas near them, or by typing in a specific location. It will also be able to show the different constellations and planets that are currently in the night sky at that time. The app will allow the user to click on certain constellations, then read more information about them.

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