IXD104 – Master/Apprentice: Recreating Icons

Recreating Icon Designs We were tasked with recreating a series of icons by ourselves, in order to brush up on our design skills and get a proper feel as to how these icons are made, as we will need to create our own in the future. These are the first set of designs I am … Continue reading “IXD104 – Master/Apprentice: Recreating Icons”

IXD104 – Travel App: Looking at Existing Designs

On Friday, we were given the brief for our next project for the next six weeks, which is all about creating a travel app. I am beginning my research and ideas for this project. Existing Designs for Travel Apps I began by looking at a few examples of existing travel apps, to get a grasp … Continue reading “IXD104 – Travel App: Looking at Existing Designs”

IXD103 – Content Audit Exercises

Exercise 1: Create a word bank For this task, I have decided to select Coca-Cola as a brand to study. We were asked to create a word bank of suitable words and phrases that are typically used to promote and describe the brand. Below, I have compiled a list of words and short phrases that … Continue reading “IXD103 – Content Audit Exercises”

IXD103 – Recommendation Task

Paragraph An album you need to hear – this tells the incredibly emotive story through 80’s inspired retro synth with a modern twist. I would describe this music as pure bliss and magic. It transcends time and nostalgia, and is an enchanting mix of youth, love, innocence and heartbreak.  Four Words Retro, Synth, Nostalgia, Magic … Continue reading “IXD103 – Recommendation Task”