Month: October 2020

IXD102 – A Century of Change

A Century of Change During Friday’s class, we began looking into the nineteenth century, and how it changed rapidly the way in which technology advanced, and how it would change the world of technology forever. For example, Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph and the first long-lasting bulb from 1877-1879, Karl Benz invented the first practical…Continue Reading IXD102 – A Century of Change

IXD102 – Pocket Profile: Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan is a Lebanese freelance UI/UX designer, trainer, author and speaker from Lebanon. She works with companies across the globe, building inclusive web interfaces & experiences with a strong focus on accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance. She runs a series of full-day workshops, where she trains teams of designers and developers about front-end developing…Continue Reading IXD102 – Pocket Profile: Sara Soueidan

IXD101 – Core Principals

On Monday’s class, we explored a range of core design principles that would help us when creating our designs. Golden Ratio The Golden Ratio, which is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence, describes the symmetrical relationship between two proportions. Approximately a 1:1.61 ratio, the Golden Ratio can be illustrated using a Golden Rectangle. This is…Continue Reading IXD101 – Core Principals

IXD102 – Gutenberg and Moveable Type

Pioneers of Type Design In today’s class, we looked at some of the history of typography, including artists and inventors who were the pioneers of type design, such as Johannes Gutenberg and Albrecht Durer. Johannes Gutenberg Johannes Gutenberg was a German inventor and printer, who introduced printing to Europe with his mechanical movable-type printing press….Continue Reading IXD102 – Gutenberg and Moveable Type

IXD102 – Type Specimen

Helvetica               One of the most well-recognised typefaces in the world today, Helvetica came into existence in 1957, when it was developed by Swiss designer Max Miedinger. In a post-war world in Eastern Europe, many companies and institutions desired a change to the everyday norm in advertisements and packaging….Continue Reading IXD102 – Type Specimen