IXD101 – Typography Exercises

On Monday, while looking at typography, we were asked to redesign a letter of our choice. I chose to experiment with the letter ‘J’.

This was the original letter:

I created two different designs. The first involved two diagonal lines cutting across the two tails of the letter. I also sharpened the edges of the letter by dragging the outline of the letter upward into a triangle shape.

The second design was simpler than the first. Once again, I pointed the edges of the letter by dragging out the outline, but instead changed it so it went the other way than the first. I added another split in the letter towards the top tail, in the direction of the top edge of the letter.

I think, overall, I like the second letter design the best. It is much simpler, with the use of only one split line at the top. I also like how the direction of the split is parallel to the top of the letter. It is sleek, and clean.

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