IXD302 Wk11:- Creating presentation

This week I began creating my presentation and putting everything together.

Going into the creation I already had a strong idea of what I wanted the brand to appear like from the colour to the monogram. I had a clear sense of what I wanted it to be.

Name & Colour

I started off by coming up with a name –  Money Matters was my prime choice. It was a name that I felt had two meanings. 1st meaning was in reference to money issues that people may face and the 2nd meaning refers to the fact that financials are important and should be something that people take care of.

For the colour I decided that I wanted it to be a dark green shade, green can represent growth and progress which is what I wanted my finance app to be for users.


When creating create my monogram, I already had an idea of what I wanted. I thought that the idea of 2 rounded m’s near each other would be a good monogram for the brand. Once I had my idea I began constructing it.

I then added the colour and design to my monogram, I created a dark green background and added lines of a lighter colour throughout. For some of the designs I twisted the lines and for others I kept the lines straight.






















I then began apply the different designs to my monogram and decided which suited best.

Chosen Design and Monogram:

I chose to go with the straight lines as it appeared most professional when paired with the monogram. It was also my favourite when paired with the monogram



I then researched different design presentations for inspiration:







I really liked these designs as they were all very eye catching. They stood out and it was something that I felt would keep the audience engaged.

The design throughout them is consistent but the content is still the main focus which is what I want from my presentation.


With my new inspiration I began creating my own presentation. I created various designs that related to my content and that could be used throughout.
















I then began working on my interface design for money matters.





I then went into Figma and began constructing a digital version of my interface while taking into consideration the notes I wrote along with my sketches

With my designs done I then began adding my designs and content together into my presentation.

I ended up with a total of 13 slides equating to roughly 2 slides per minute



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