IXD301 Wk11:- Creating Prototype

This week I attempted to create the prototype for my element project. Before this point I had never created one before and was unsure of how to do so so I started by watching a instructional video to see how its done – Prototype Video

Once I watched the video I realised that it was actually a lot easier than I had originally thought it would be. I realised all I needed to create the tutorial was my user flow (to know where each of the screens go) and the screens that I had created.

I then just needed to go into the prototype section of figma and create a frame around each of my work by selecting each screen and creating a frame box around it from there I could connect all of the screens and elements within the screens for my prototype.

I created connections between my work. I connected all of my onboarding screens together and added a “x” element on each onboarding screen that would take them back to the whole page.

I then made each element within my game clickable so that a certain element will take the user to its own personal factsheet.

I could even insert my prototype into a device like the iPad, which would help my prototype appear more professional.



Prototyping is a lot easier that I had previously thought and it has a lot of benefits going forward I am definitely going to create a lot more prototypes when creating projects.

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