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R e s e a r c h 



The online definition for manifesto was: –

“A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government”

What I understood from that is that: –

A manifesto is a statement that can either be short or long that sets out the aims, views, intentions, motives of a person.


Manifesto to be is something to live by. It should be a way for me to express myself and it should remind me of who i want to be and what i want to do in life. It should inspire me to be the best and give my all no matter what I do. It should motivate me when times get tough and I may feel like giving up.


Manifestos aren’t the only thing that are used to motivate people. Mantras,quotes and motto’s can all also be used to be peoples motivation or reminder of what they want to do/be.



Surrealist  –
Surrealism was a huge movement that was heavily influenced by Dada. Four surrealist manifestos are known to exist. In October 1924, the first two manifestos were published, they were written by Yvan Goll and Andre Breton, the two leaders of rivaling surrealist groups. Brenton won the battle and wrote a manifesto that was published in 1924 which defines surrealism. The manifesto has many examples of using surrealism in poetry and literature, but he believes that the principles which he mentions in the manifesto can be used in real life and not just for art.

Examples of Surrealist Art:








Dadaist –
Dada was an art movement that happened in the early 20th century. The art, poetry and performance produced by Dada artists is often satirical.Dada was not just about art in a way it was also about life and all the issues that were happening at the time, as most dadaist were also anti-war and anti-bourgeois and were also associated with the political left side. The Dada Manifesto was written by Hugo Ball, to oppose Dada becoming and artistic movement.

Examples of Dadaist Art Work:








De Stijl –
The De Stijl (meaning, the style) manifesto was a journal edited by Van Doesburg and written by a large group of artists at the time. By writing and signing the De Stiji they all committed to the theory of Neo-Plasticism.  Neo-Plasticism is the idea that the true purpose of art is not to reproduce real objects by just painting or drawing them but to express the reality and value of life. De Stiji is still used in present day architecture. De Stiji was also influenced by dadaism








“Go to bed with dreams; wake up with a purpose” – Unknown

“Creative thinking inspires ideas, ideas inspire change” – Barbara Januszkicwics

“A winner is a dreamer that never gives up” – Unknown

“One year equals 365 possibilities” – Unknown

“Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do” – Brian Tracy

“Sometimes you’ve got to create what you want to be a part of” – Geri Weitzman

“Forget all the reasons that it won’t work and believe the one reason it will” – Unknown

“I have aspirations to conquer the world, let’s see what happens” – Sonam Kapoor

All of the manifestos that I quoted above inspire me, they remind me that all the power is in my hands and I can choose what path I take and what I create/do. It shows me how the possibilities are endless and how the world is my oyster so I should explore and not let anything hold me back. They inspire me to not give up and that no idea is foolish. They inspire me to be the best me I can and they make me want to go out and do things I  have never done before.





I started out by writing down words that I liked and why I liked then as I wanted to try and include the words in my own manifesto.






I have also included this rough page I did when I was testing ideas for my manifesto.






You can never fail at something you love

I like this one as it reminds me that if you enjoy what you are doing, you cannot fail. It reminds me that passion is needed in whatever you are doing and if you have that it will all turn out okay. Even though I do like the message it does not feel like MY message, it does not feel like something I would think of for motivation.


Everything in life starts with an idea (or thought)”

This reminds me to start simple, that you do not need to have a huge concept you just need an idea/thought to start. I actually do really like this one, but I feel like I could think of something better that still encapsulates this idea.


As long as you’re happy with the path you chose it can never be wrong

Again, I really do like this, but it just doesn’t really feel right. It doesn’t feel like THE ONE.


Go out there and do amazing things

I like this one as it short and sweet but reminds me to be adventurous and to go out of my comfort zone. This could be end up being the one but I’m still listing other ideas.


“Mistakes lead to the exploration of new ideas, so don’t be afraid to fail every once in a while, your masterpiece is still in progress”

I do really like this one as it makes me feel as if its okay to make mistakes every once in a while and that it could maybe lead to something great. The only thing that I don’t like about this manifesto is that it is quite lengthy, so because of that I think I will only keep the first half of this manifesto .

Chosen Manifesto - Mistakes lead to the exploration of new ideas


Design Inspiration for Manifest


I like the idea of having something simplistic. While searching for simplistic inspiration I was thinking about how to display the text and  I thought about doing a line drawing but replace the line with the text, so it helps create the image.


When I saw this design I really liked it, I  liked how much it stood out and how bold the colours were. It is definitely a piece of art that will be noticed and that stands out. I thought that for my manifesto I could have a simple background and use a design like the one shown to display the words.


Since my chosen manifest was about exploring, as soon as I saw this design I loved it. It also gave me a lot of ideas of what I could do for my final piece and how I could create something that will showcase my manifesto in the best way possible.





Sketchbook Manifesto Draft




I decided to draw out any rough idea I had to see what I could possibly create. I loved the idea of my manifesto design having an element of space or an adventure or something because of the word explore that is used but because of the word mistake I thought that maybe I could have a paint splatter mistake making the manifesto (as seen in the first drawing on the top left)








Online Manifesto  Draft:-







This was an expansion of one of my original four drawing, I did take away the paint droplets at the top and bottom of the image. What I like about this piece is how it almost sort of like paint splatters which in a way signifies the word mistakes and I also like how in a way its kind of abstract.







This was another expansion from my original four drawings. I really like this one as i like how simple it is with the one line drawing but how it still gets the message across. The colours for this piece could also be changed to have the background white and the writing and drawing black


The second option is the manifesto design that I wanted to use


After the Blackboard talk with Paul about my manifesto designs I decided to maybe redesign my manifesto.

Points made during discussion:-

  • Keep all of the writing simple, like the font that was used for the word exploration.
  • Maybe try focus on “mistakes” – suggestions was to try make a mess by spilling pasta  or paint and see what came from it by looking at how they land/end up.

When I thought about a mess leading to something creative I kept thinking of paint splatter art or paint dripping. That was the idea that I kept coming back to.

I also started researching and looking for inspiration online, these were some of the creations I liked.

Mistake Quotes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock



Images like this gave me the idea of maybe not having any images in my own manifesto design and changing the words colours, shapes and sizes as a sort of design






I really liked the thought of doing something similar to this image by having paint spatters and then having my manifesto written across in the paint






I even went into snapchat to do some rough drawings just to get an idea of how they might look.



















I also did some sketches on a sketchpad










I then decided to go into illustrator and using the ideas I already had I started to add and remove thing to see that I could create

This was was my final product, I was initially going to cut the paint spatters that were out side of the page off but as i was looking at my manifesto I started to like it as it was a way of showcasing the work mistake as it is messy and in a way is kind of a mistake of its own.



Final Feedback:- 

After a final one to one with Paul to discuss my manifesto design I was told that my previous design was great but a few changes would make it better. The main change was that I  should move the word mistakes inside of the square, which I did for my final version. I also moved the paint can so that not all of it was within the page as the paint splatter was the focus not the paint can. I then decided to cut around the paint spatter as around it was a white border in the older version.

This is my final Manifesto –

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