IxD302 – Week 1 – Creative Entrepreneurship

IxD302 – Week 1 – Creative Entrepreneurship

The Journey Ahead…

After a brief outline of the module ahead, we spoke about the aim of this module…

  • To introduce a range of professional practices within the creative industry, career options and skills to improve employability.
  • To demonstrate a clear understanding of idea generation and research tools for digital product design.
  • To demonstrate skills in written and verbal communication within a professional context.
  • To underline the importance of working on paper, supporting research and independent study.

I am really looking forward to this module as I am ready to demonstrate an understanding of professional practices and skills within the working world and creative industry. I know that the presentation task will be great for developing my confidence, to articulate my ideas and knowledge comprehensively in visual, oral and written forms alike!

This module is not like any we have done before, so I know it will teach me to be less dependent on the lecturers and develop my own career. This is my future I’m working towards and that excites me. I can’t wait to further develop appropriate idea generation, research methodologies and problem solving skills in relation to product design. This module will have the advantage of preparing me for employment, teaching me about the creative industries, so that I will be fully prepared for placement.

Nearing the end of our class, we had a task to write on post-it notes, all the attributes you are hoping to find in a potential job, colleagues or a place of employment. This was a very useful task to do before we began looking for placements, as it is important to know what you are looking for before you begin your search. It was interesting to see everyone’s own approaches and desires of what they want to get from their placement.

For me, I want to try living in a new city, new people, I think I would prefer to work for a larger company as it would push me out of my comfort zone and majority of major companies have good reputations on how they treat their employees. I want to work for a reputable company, who will give me tasks and direction in order to broaden my skills set. I want to be challenged and put under pressure so that I can flourish and grow as a designer. I also want to be in a creative environment, where they still welcome the use of pens and paper, not all technological.

Our tasks for next week were to research different companies both local and international, which we would like to work for. I found quite a few exciting opportunities which I will further explore in another blog post. This task got me excited for placement as it showed me the many opportunities that are out there, I just need to keep looking for the right one! I am also going to begin working on my CV and cover letter. My current CV could do with a lot of work. The task will also help me writing my CV as most of the companies displayed the skills they are looking for when hiring someone. I have all of the skills and some experience, I just need to work on articulating it correctly, to show up as my best possible self.


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