Website Group Critique

Here is a link to the Miro board.

In all honesty I was a bit sad about the lack of comments but Daniel was very helpful, he suggested I change the profile image from a rectangle to possibly a circle as it would help keep the flow of the website constant and uninterrupted. He suggested I change the business card – which I will do. It was helpful to see my peers websites and personal brands as it helped me gauge where I am and where I need to be.

I made an animation using Procreate to use as my loading symbol

Click here to see them in action.

Group Critique

I made some slides in preparation for my group critique

group crit

After the group critique I decided to make a few changes to not only my colour scheme but I also decided to make a new illustration to represent myself.

I used Adobe color to create my colour scheme.

I developed my illustration using procreate, here is my progress:

This is my final illustration for my brand.

I am quite pleased with the outcome and I feel as though it will add a fun and friendly aesthetic.