Investor pitch reflection

I received generally positive feedback from Ronan and Daniel but they did say that even though it was a noble project it did not create good revenue for an investor so this is something that I should have considered a bit more. I also maybe made slides too content heavy at the beginning with all the statistics.

I enjoyed the experience and was able to do relatively well in spite of my nerves and while there was room for improvement I am pleased with what I was able to present.

What kind of designer?

Guest speaker: Ronan McKinless

His experience:

  • 17 years experience.
  • Worked for large and small companies and startups.
  • Currently working for himself. He has worked within agencies, startups and now freelance.

I found Ronan’s talk to be very helpful, afterwards he has a Q&A session, now this is what helped me the most. Here are pictures of the notes I made:

Ronan was also kind enough to give me his email so I could send him my portfolio for him to review and give feedback on.

Overall this session was very helpful.

Group Critique

I made some slides in preparation for my group critique

group crit

After the group critique I decided to make a few changes to not only my colour scheme but I also decided to make a new illustration to represent myself.

I used Adobe color to create my colour scheme.

I developed my illustration using procreate, here is my progress:

This is my final illustration for my brand.

I am quite pleased with the outcome and I feel as though it will add a fun and friendly aesthetic.