Infographic research


Visual research:

  • Pinterest moodboard link.
  • Some of my favourite infographic illustration styles:

I really liked this illustration style, its very simplistic and straight forward – this would work for a small, short and concise infographic.

I thought this one was very clever and engaging, it made me want to read it.

I know this is a very simplistic and raw approach to it but I found it kind of chargming.

I loved how they used the illustration as a way of narrating and storytelling, It made me want to read to get the other details. It is very engaging and the simple illustrations and colour palette make it easy to read and like.

This is an idea I really liked, I had thought about doing a lighter infographic since it’s been a hard year full of sad statistics – something like this would be a fun project to take on.

  • Procreate Illustration moodboard here.

Idea development

I decided to go with my Tv show idea – The plan is to focus on the percentage of the American population that watched the show ‘The Office’ during the 2020 lockdown – A lighthearted approach to a hard situation.

I started off by doing some research and writing down the key points that I would like to use; I will add the links to the articles I used bellow:

‘The Office’ is Getting More Viewership on Peacock Than Netflix, Data Shows

Here are the main facts I decided to use

I sat down and figured out the floor plan of the office set up – I illustrated that above in my sketchbook. I think this will give the infographic a nice finish.

This was my initial draft for the layout of my infographic.

I tried out some drawing ideas using Procreate, I wrote the name in the back of the three initial guys.

This was another draft I did in procreate where I tried to figure out the colour scheme and planned out the illustrations and timeline.

I then looked up the rankings each character had with viewers to figure out how to arrange them when illustrating them. I decided to add Michaels desk with his toys and then add the cask behind it.

I used Procreate to create my illustrations

These are my finished illustrations – I made them super simple and without faces to challenge myself to make them as recognisable as possible with just the bare minimum.

I then created the desk and added the cast in

Working on the title. I wanted to add a bit of word play, to make it more whimsical.

I also wanted to try an make the title look like the Dunder Mifflin logo – I settled on the title America’s favourite lockdown show.

This is what my logo looked like.

I then added the cast to the logo – this is the title complete now.

I then planned the graphs in my sketchbook, I created these in Procreate

This is what my first draft looked like. I am quite pleased with my final result as it is visually pleasing and it presents the data very well.

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