IXD104 – Feedback – Week 6

30% of the module grade is based on the app

Formative feedback

this is a low-stakes opportunity to promote and measure your knowledge and skills; it’s a great way to find areas in which you need to improve.

Peer feedback

This has somewhat been lost for us due to not having the studio experience, try to do this digitally as much as possible. It’s a great way to learn from each other.

It’s about providing a mirror for others to reflect on their work/performance so they can identify improvements that can be made. It’s an awesome way to become more efficient.

The sandwich approach

Begin your feedback with positive, share your criticism and end your response with something positive or encouraging. Be CONSTRUCTIVE never negative


Visually it looks good, likes the wave.

The type is heavy for the fun facts  – try a lighter one

The headings are nice

Apply the little bullet point symbol

Line up body text alongside the heading – spacing to the left in Jonah is ok but o the left its off

Keep the margin if you will the same

The text is hard to read on the wave – it does not stand out well

The arrow steams should be thicker

Could imply that there is more content bellow

I then took the feedback on board and made the necessary changes

This is what the changed screens looked like

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