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Icon challenge

As part of a class exercise we were tasked with an icon challenge using figma.

We were to create icons/buttons for:

  • Play
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Fast forward
  • Rewind

Things I will be considering:

-Who am I designing this for?

An elderly person with dementia or cataracts: I could use a colour system, like the traffic colour system – it is universally recognizable and the colours will stand out to the elderly person with sight or memory issues. Similarly this system could also work for a child as the red, greeen and yellow are very bright and engaging colours. I could add words instead of symbols along with an audio feature so the elderly person can use it more easily.

Here are the icons I made using Figma.


These are some of my notes and research for this topic, I tried to do little drawings  while taking notes, they helped me visualize and focus on the task, I then went on to design some on paper before experimenting in Figma. The circle one was originally meant to be a panda, but I got carried away so now its an alien panda 🙂 The second one I increased the width of the lines each time by a factor of 5 – I like consistency.

































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