I started this project by researching how to make a lip sync animation as well as some tips on picking a suitable audio. These are the videos I watched. 

I also looked on google images for mouth shape charts, this made the process of animating the lip sync quicker as I could reference how each syllable looks. 

After conducting my research on how to create a lip sync, I looked into finding a sound clip I liked. I scrolled through 11 Second Club – Archives as they have a nice variety of audio clips to download. I wanted a sound clip that I had never heard before so I would not be influenced by the original, I also did not watch the entry on the website. I picked the September 2008 sound clip.


Animation Process

I created some storyboards to fully explore and develop my idea, and to make sure it was possible to achieve within the deadline.


Once I was happy with the storyboards, I created an animatic to roughly work out the timing of the shots and the expressions of the characters, I did not start on the lip sync at this point as I wanted to mainly focus on the overall movement of the characters first.



For the lip sync sections I used a still image of the character and then animated the mouth to the audio, there was a lot of trial and error, but I think the characters look like they are saying what is in the audio clip.


These are the backgrounds I created for the animation. 


This is the final animation. I also some royalty free sound effects for the cup hitting the table and the spit spray.


My Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed this project, I think the final animation looks clean and the lip sync works well. If I were to do this again, I would like to made the people move a little more fluidly as at some points, they feel a little stiff.  

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