To start the class, we were given a talk about studying abroad by Dr Chris McHugh. After this Henry talked about the mock interviews and talked about preparing for job interviews. He explained that before an interview you should research the company, practice common interview questions and find the location of the interview before hand so you won’t be late. 

 He also gave some example questions that could be asked, in some variation, in an interview. 


Sample Questions: 

  •  About yourself – why you would be fit for the job based on past experiences and projects. 
  • Strengths and weaknesses – skills that are needed for the job and a weakness that you believe that the job will help you to improve. 
  • Why hire you? 
  •  Experience – give a situation and what the task was, what action did you take and the end results. 
  • Why work for us? – know the company and how you can fit in. 
  • Do you work better in a team or independently? 
  • What you do outside of work? – give a hobby that can help give experience for work. 
  • How would you friends describe you? 


Odd questions: 

  • What the studio could do differently? shows you did research about the company, don’t be disrespectful. 
  • Any questions for them. 
  • Favorite aspect of the job? 
  • How is success measured? 


After the example questions Henry also told use some things to do in an interview and some things not to do. 


  • Take your time 
  • Talk loud and clear 
  • Be friendly, positive and honest 
  • Tense up? Take a deep breathe 
  • Prepare answers beforehand 
  • Go with the flow of the interview 



  • Put yourself down 
  • Sounding too abrupt 
  • Getting annoyed with the interviewer 
  • Speak softly/quietly 
  • Dishonest 

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