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IXD303 Week 1 – Introduction to UX

I am excited to start this module as the travel app we did with Paul was extremely fun and educational. However, IXD301 has shown me a lot of vital information for creating an app through UX. Through this past year of experience, I feel like I am certainly ready to take on this new and…Continue Reading IXD303 Week 1 – Introduction to UX

#IXD303 Week 4 – Sketching Interfaces

Sketching is something every designer should be able to conduct, we don’t have to be good drawers, however, we have to be good a visually explaining ourselves on paper. Unlike any digital means of visual ideation, sketching proves us with a quick, low-cost, and discardable method of visual expression. Additionally, it is the most engaging…Continue Reading #IXD303 Week 4 – Sketching Interfaces

#IXD303 – High-Fi Mock-Ups

I decided to create my Hi-fi mock-ups on Illustrator as this allowed me to create flexible designs reflecting my initial lo-fi wireframes. Illustrator is the vector-based meaning I don’t have to worry about the sizing and it allows me to simply export the layers on Adobe XD. Additionally, the illustrator allowed me to measure everything…Continue Reading #IXD303 – High-Fi Mock-Ups

#IXD303 Week 3 – Design + Strategy

Hick’s Law When designers make decisions, they already know what goals can be achieved thus objectives can be completed quicker, however, user’s don’t, this means the more choices there are on a website, the more time it takes a user to complete a goal or a task, for our job as UX designer’s we must…Continue Reading #IXD303 Week 3 – Design + Strategy

#IXD303 – Usability Testing

The Brief Metrics  This will be my assessment and recordings of the users interacting with my app. I’m looking at the time it takes to complete a  task, their facial expressions, verbal feedback, etc. Tasks  I’ve set a number of tasks, some more important than others to view how my user’s complete them, additionally I…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Usability Testing

#IXD303 – Parent Surveys

The Survey Creating a great concept & app is fantastic, however, without a userbase then it is nothing. While surveys aren’t great at asking ‘why’ they are great at asking ‘what’. This ultimately gives us a better understanding of the problem in a quantitative manner. For this survey, I want to understand my potential target…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Parent Surveys

#IXD303 – A guide to building Apps for Kids – Article Review

In this article, Tanya Junell starts by saying that kids spend approximately three hours a day on digital devices. Recent studies also show that, in the US, approximately 75 percent of kids have access to technology. Digital designers, therefore, have a great opportunity to create apps for kids. What are the key devices when building…Continue Reading #IXD303 – A guide to building Apps for Kids – Article Review

IXD303 – Week 2 Research Techniques

Today’s lesson is all about researching and how we can conceptualize a solution from it. “In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” – Shunryo Suzuki, Zen Master I found this quote very interesting, initially derived from 初心 which means ‘beginner’s mind’ in Japanese. It explores the predefined…Continue Reading IXD303 – Week 2 Research Techniques

#IXD304 Week 6 – Prototype Critique

This week’s critique session was conducted by Kyle & a guest. This is good as it gives me a widened view of my work. I am always looking forward to these sessions as it gives us a chance to look at others to see how their progressing and ultimately confirm strengths and weaknesses posed in…Continue Reading #IXD304 Week 6 – Prototype Critique

#IXD304 Week 11 + 12 – Critique Session

Last week’s class consisted of Kyle coming around to us individually and having a look at our work in the entirety so far. I love these types of critiques as it gives me a chance to properly discuss any issues I am facing. Additionally, it allows me to see and confirm any strengths that I…Continue Reading #IXD304 Week 11 + 12 – Critique Session