IXD301 – Usability Testing

A good method of refining my work is to conduct usability tests. These tests involve watching people interact with my product. Fortunately, XD have a built-in feature that allows you to do this.

The Script

I decided to make a script with a set of instructions. This ensured that I covered all tasks for this test. I hide this sheet during the test to avoid it feeling like an interview which might put pressure on children.


The Test

To start off I encountered a few problems such as the prototype XD link didn’t work on tablets/mobiles which is my preferred device to conduct this on. I had to then do the test on a laptop instead. Although my candidate wasn’t really experienced with a laptop she quickly got the hang of it after a brief tutorial before the test – this can be a possible drawback to the test.


The candidate navigated the app as planned and give me satisfactory feedback to my questions. Although, I did notice she got stuck on the home screen as she didn’t know what to click on to start a story. I decided to simply add directing the child to tap a character in order to start a story (see below) this will give them the incentive to do so and avoid getting stuck.



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