IXD302 – Pitch Process & Reflection

Vita Pitch – What is my idea?

The product which I will present at my pitch is a semimodular smartwatch that helps specialize in monitoring children who have underlining health conditions. Using intuitive technology, this smartwatch uses LED lights combined with light-sensitive photodiodes to monitor the flow of blood. This information is then recorded and projected back to the child’s guardian phone via cellular activity. Additionally, this device doubles down as a monitoring tool for concerned parents.

So what does my product involve?

  • GPS Technology
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Long battery life
  • Simple yet customizable accessories
  • Lightweight & Cheap materials
  • Cheap price tag

Presentation Inspiration

I then started to look for inspiration, I remember Daniel provided us with a few examples. Two caught my eye, the famous presentation conducted by AirBnB & Oratio by a previous student.


Oratio is a pitch created by Gemma Ferguson that involves the cooperation of stroke victims and therapists. However, while her pitch itself was great this is not what gravitated me to the presentation. Instead, it was how she designed it.

Gemma has created a clean, fresh presentation that is consistent in vibrant colours. She displays her findings beautifully and simply through different colour-coded graphs. Additionally, she outlines her message through a mixture of elegant and simple designs and illustrations. Overall, I think gemma has captured the essence and identity of her brand perfectly. I intend to do similar for my presentation.

Alternatively, I decided to go onto Pinterest to look at the hundreds of investor pitches they have available. I decided to pick out the ones I really liked.

The Brand & Structure 

For my presentation, I wanted to take the audience on a ride. I wanted to divide the presentation into three main sections; awareness, solution & the untapped market. For my awareness section of the presentation, I wanted to prescribe a sense of emotional imbalance and create a sympathetic reaction among the audience. For the solution, I wanted to showcase all the features that my product has over competitors such as Apple & Fitbit. Lastly, I want to explore the untapped market of children’s wearables/smartwatches. This is to convey a sense of hidden treasure, ultimately persuading the audience in favor of my pitch.

First of all, I needed a name for my product. After playing around mixing and matching names related to health/watches/children, I finally found a name I thought was right; Vita – this is Latin for ‘Health’. As I intend my product to be global I wanted to create an almost ‘universal’ language. Although Latin isn’t universal it is used by many European NGOs.

Similar to the name I wanted to create a brand image for my product. I decided to play around with a variety of logo designs all related to my product and its main features. I decided to pick a heart design to represent my brand.

After constructing the structural narrative of my pitch, I then decided to create various wireframes for my individual slides. I settle on the wireframes shown above which I feel flowed well. This gave me a better understanding of the layout and overall presentation of my pitch.

After sketching my initial logo, I decided to quickly give it a digital make-over. The logo represents a heart on a hill which symbolizes a health tracker. I tried to make it as basic as possible and am really happy with the outcome. I also made it a unique red colour to symbolize health, I will use this colour throughout my presentation.

I wanted to show the values of my Vita brand throughout my presentation. I did this through the typography by using a bubbly and friendly typeface. Additionally, I made use of negative spacing on my presentation only having a few visuals at one time to create a clean and modern presentation while also focusing on the content that I am trying to convey.

The Script

I began to write a script for my Pitch as a guide for when I am presenting.

Page 2 – What do we Do? 

We focus on protecting and monitoring children’s health on a global scale. In particular, we focus on detecting arrhythmia which is the irregular rhythm of a heartbeat that can cause brain damage, heart failures, blood clots and sudden cardiac death.  

 Unfortunately, 2 out 100 school kids process severe arrhythmia with developing nations such as Uganda 14x more cases. 

 Page 3 – The Problem 

Many of the available heartbeat monitors out there are expensive, heavy and visually obstructed which can be a hassle for a lot of people.  

When kids are unsupervised such as playing outside parents can get extremely worried for their safety in case of a potential incident occurring. Especially when they have underlying health conditions.  

 Page 4 – The Solution 

This is where our product comes into play  

It will have accurate and pinpoint GPS tracking which gives you the ability to locate your child. 

Accurately reads and displays results to your mobile app if it detects any irregularities. 

We will use affordable and recyclable material.  

Lastly, Your child will be able to customize it with all the latest gadgets and attachments from popular shows, games and movies. 

Page 5 – Market 

Getting into the market we can see that smartwatches are extremely popular with an average of 20 percent market growth every year. With the demand for health-oriented wearables dramatically on the rise.  

 Also, in 2021 there was a total of 232 million units shipped and 142 million units sold. It is expected that it will ship more than a quarter of a billion units by 2055.  

 Page 6– Competitors  

 (Say all percentages) 

 WIth 40 percent consisting of alternative low-end brands. 

 Page 7 – Competitors 

If we look at this bar chart showing the number of wearable users, we can find a disproportionate stat between ages 0 – 17 

Page 8 

So, why is this? 

Page 9 

  • The smartwatches on the market either consist of one or all of these, which include: 
  • They’re extremely expensive, an apple watch retails at around £400 brand new.  
  • They can be either confusing or choppy to use with poor user interfaces. 
  • They are materialistic. 

 And lastly, they’re all catered to adults. 

Page 10 – Conclusion 

The need for health-related wearables is becoming rapidly sought after for our health. But through this egocentric narrative, we forget about the many kids who need it more than to just tell the time.  

 Our product thinks global, saves lives, and unlocked hidden markets.  


Post Pitch Reflection

Before the presentation, I was early so I began rehearsing outside of the studio until the three others and Daniel arrived. Once I walked into the classroom I felt the pressure build.

We began to do our pitches one by one. I was third on the list, which is something I don’t like as I’d rather be first to avoid my nerves eating me.  Although it could be worse I could be presenting in front of 70 people, not 5.

Overall, the presentation went fine however, I feel like the script which was there to guide me presented itself as more as an obstruction than anything. I feel like I focused too much on the script.

After the presentation, Daniel and Ronan asked me a number of questions about my presentation. Ronan commented on how he was a little bit lost at the start. I feel like this was because I was focusing on the script and forgot to turn it over to the next slide. However, Ronon enjoyed how the overall presentation was designed using consistent branding.

Daniel talked about different alternatives to my product such as for impoverished areas I could get second-hand/throw-away modules from other competitors.

Concluding this reflection, I do feel like I have a really strong vision for my product, I just need to work on my presenting skills. However, this is my first time performing a presentation in this manner which has undoubtedly given me additional experience to improve myself for future presentations.







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