IXD301 – Developing & Sketches Elemental Characters

For creating my elemental characters, I drew up a bunch of weird and unique bodies shapes then drew a diverse range of facial expressions on a spectrum from happy to angry. This was to make the decision process much faster as it allowed me to reference each choice and see if they work with that particular character.  From this, I a bunch of different characters with different traits and qualities.


The Final Design

As I created each element I tied adjectives and feelings that the characters convey to me. This was beneficial to developing the personalities of each individual character.

My first elemental character is Polonium Paul his main attribute is being radioactive. He is highly mutated from the constant use of chemicals he handles. He’s a curious scientist who likes to conduct ultra deadly experiments.

The second elemental character I created is Helium Heather. She is a tall and gentle character who loves balloons. She also has the ability to float.

The third elemental character I created is  Mercury Marty. He is extremely toxic and has a slight dose of mercury poisoning. Although, after all this, he is still a friendly person.

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