Ans welcome back to another ‘Whats going wrong’ post- a series where I talk about what’s going wrong in my projects. Today I wanted to discuss everything that is going wrong with my first prototype that I have made for my elements project. I have linked this below.




Figma link-



As you can see the prototype is sticking and it isn’t clicking on the elements that want it to. This is my first time using Figma to create a prototype so I was expected these type of issues. When I click on different elements it takes me to the wrong page and when hovered they all appear at once I wanted them to appear at individual times. I need to go back to the drawing board and start again, perhaps I should watch some tutorials on how to do some really cool slick animations.


I want my prototype to move seamlessly just like Space X website that I have previously looked into. I am not sure why my prototype isn’t moving the way I want it too. But wish me luck as I attempt this again.

IXD301- First elements prototype: What’s going wrong
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