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I decided to create a Google form in order to complete some more user research for my Pitch idea. I based my questions around the topics including transport, travel and other competitors I am looking at. I created a form in my other module using Typeform but I wanted to try out Google forms as I have never used this application before.



The Google form link-



Example of some questions

I screenshot examples of the form and its appearance I decided to for a blue colour as this matches my brands colours for the pitch idea. Below isn’t all of the questions I decided to ask but a few- you can few the whole questionnaire from the link above.






I got 5 responses for this questionnaire which was great! I think that number is what is expected but I wish I could have got the chance to get a higher number but I had to work with what I got!



Results table pdf-

Pitch questionnaire 2



The general responses were what I expected- there was nothing that really shocked me about the answers. I am very happy at this because this proves that my idea is valid and makes sense and the feelings around travel and transport for the people that completed the quiz are similar to what I expected. I learned a lot about the topic on which my pitch idea is based on and I have discovered that people would actually test and enjoy my pitch idea for having transport in the same form as Air BnB. Moving forward I will continue to build my research and designs for my pitch presentation, I want to design some app screens to show what this could actually look like online so I will update my blog with that information.

IXD302- User research: Questionnaire
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