Week 10 – The art of the Pitch


At the end of the semester I have to give a presentation of my two projects that I have completed this semester, my presentation will be 10 minutes- 5 mins per project. This lecture was about presentations and how to give a good one.







The story

Kyle talked all about giving a good presentation and in order to give a good presentation it should:

  • be simple
  • be memorable
  • be PEPARED


It was explained that JFK was the youngest president ever – but the way he tells story’s and the way he presented speeches was great. It is important to have the right language aka know your audience!



Beginning – explain what your covering people like to know where they are going.

Middle – structure and chunk.

End- the climax and conclusion (this is what I have told you).


I need to make sure that I have a point- what is the main point in your slide?

Plan the narrative – sketch out slides on sketchbook ( what your going to talk about / include ).


Why use slides?

-slides divert gaze and are a really good visual aid.

-less is more


Slide crimes:

  1. too much text (use symbols or icons )
  2. a million slides
  3. spelling mistakes
  4. things line up


Supporting material-  if I want to I can print out slides on paper and hand them out. this would be beneficial to do if the wifi fails or if there are computer issues, etc.


Rhetorical techniques:

  • repetition
  • metaphors
  • rhetorical questions


Delivery should be:

  • slow and steady
  • confident



Research I could do?

Pitching ideas and giving presentations is such an important part of the industry I am going into, therefore I want to get better at this. So how could what further research could I do on this topic? I could watch some Ted Talks on pitching and presenting skills and strategies, I could also read material based on this topic too. I think that reading up on people who are really good at doing this, e.g. Steve Jobs would be very beneficial too.


Reflection and what is next?

I will ensure that I keep my slides simple, minimal and with only minimal text and mainly images of my work. I want to include a  video of a prototype of my elements project and my portfolio, I think this will be a good visual to include. I think that this was a useful lecture since presenting and pitching is such an important aspect and I am keen to get better and more confident. I also need to practice on getting better at explaining my work and talking about my own design process. I will continue my research on this topic and begin to design my slides for this presentation.


IXD301- The Art of the Pitch
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