Digital sketching…

I took to my iPad to sketch some initial ideas for a brand logo. I wanted to go for something that representing space as well as science, so I played around with atoms and rings around planets.




Logo initial ideas





Digital development


Creating my chosen logo on Illustrator-

I took some screenshots of my process and how I created this logo below…





Final chosen logo-

So to make my final logo I took the shape from my chosen font for my brand name which was the font – Trench, I took that shape that that font makes for the planets circle. I felt like this was a good idea as I wanted the wordmark and logo to harmonise and pair well together. I also added spheres on the rings to represent atoms. I feel like this encompasses both chemistry and space.








What is next?

I want to put my final brand together in a set of brand guidelines or a design system to see how it looks together.

IXD301- Digital development of my Element brand
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