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Following Kyles lecture I decided to set up a user test on my portfolio website. I used my twin sister to do this as she will be completely honest with me on what I need to change and what is working and what is not! I set her three tasks to do to see is she was able to complete them quickly and efficiently. I screen recorded her tasks and included them and the time it took her to complete below.


Three tasks I set up:

1.Find my Travel app case study

2. Find my Linked In link

3. Find my Infographic sketches


Screen recordings of the results











As you can see from the research above Cara completed the tasks quickly and with ease. this shows me that my site is easy to use so I am very happy. All of the links worked and she was able to move freely from page to page. The tasks were a success and she completed each one, she said that the information was easy to locate which is a success! Notes from Cara included some more info on my about page so it feels more personal and I will add this change as I agree with her thoughts on this. Overall I think this test was a success and I think it has improved my portfolio and its accessibility, I thoroughly enjoyed this low budget user test and it was fun to see someone else use your sight it made me think that users use everything different this was a great eye opener for me! I will complete more of these in the future I think they are very beneficial.


IXD301- User test on Portfolio
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