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We had a lecture about user research and the importance it has when it c comes to designing an d how it can better your outcomes for the user. One of the ways to conduct good user research is by using questionnaires. In order to really find out what students want I decided to make a student questionnaire. From research and lecture notes I have noted that questionnaires are a great way to conduct user research efficiently and quickly, therefore making this a perfect way to gain good knowledge and insight as I don’t have long to complete this project.


Preparing my questionnaire

I brainstormed different types of questions that I could ask within this questionnaire…


How I built this?

I used type form to create this questionnaire. When using Typeform I was limited to 9 questions so I had to choose the most important ones from the brainstorm above.


Examples of some of the questions:










My final questionnaire link –




I have screenshot some of the resposiens I got from the students-










What did I learn from this?

I learned that the students want-

  • desktop format
  • an app for the period table
  • they would enjoy fun / random facts
  • good images
  • an application that is easy to read and follow
  • they would also enjoy a poster




I really enjoyed this task and I gained a lot ono knowledge from students and the target audience that I wanted to get. This has given me some good reassurance that the type of app that I wanted to create would be very useful. I learned thing that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t have asked so I found this very helpful. I will take the notes above and use them to create a much bette user experience for my intended target audience.



IXD301- User research: Questionnaire
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