Naming my elements project


I began brainstorming words that I associate with elements and space as that is what my application is about and I did so with my trusty post it notes…





I then paired some of these together to get some names…



I played around with a few I liked such as ‘Interstelements’ and ‘Solar science’ on my iPad and sketchbook to see what they could look like when digitalised. However there was one that stood out to me…



FINAL CHOICE- So my final name is- Spac-e-




Why this name ?

I liked the simplicity of the name ‘space’ and when I sketched it out above I thought of a way I could bring science into it. I knew that the symbol for an electron is: e-, so I thought that I could incorporate this into the word space. This made a lot of sense in my head and I think written out is really cool and suits the vibe that I want my brand to be.





What is next?

Next I need to build the brand – e.g. the logo and I need to pick typefaces that suit the vibe as well as a colour palette.


IXD301- Beginning my elements brand
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