The challenge

Following the previous research that I have done about the Periodic Table I decided to challenge myself to jot down as many different words that relate to the period table in some way- ‘buzz’ words if you like, in just a couple of minutes. Below I have included an image of all of the words I came up with within the time.


Sorting the words


To challenge myself further I decided to group together the words that make sense in smaller groups. Hoping this would help me decide on some app/ website ideas and inspire my thinking…


















How did this go?


Grouping the Post-it notes together was certainly beneficial and it helped me to group ideas and link possible outcomes together. I think that I will continue brainstorming the ideas I favour the most and I will being to sketch out some possible wireframes too. Working under a time limit definitely helps me from procrastination and encourages me to focus, with the time frame this challenges me to work quickly therefore eliminating those ‘this isn’t good enough’ ideas. I will complete more timed sketching challenges in the very near future.

IXD301- Buzz word brainstorming
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