Welcome to your Blog!

This is the place for you to upload images and catalogue your progress. On the front page (where you are now), your posts will appear in chronological order, newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.


To help you and your lecturers navigate your posts, you need to assign to the right category to each new post (see the post below this one to learn how to create a new post).

The menu at the top of your blog lets you select a category and look at the posts in that category alone.


Adding a post to your Blog

To add a new post to your blog,

  1. Click + New in the menu:

  2. Choose Post in the dropdown menu:

  3. In the Add a New Post, enter your post title (1) and choose which category your post belongs to (2).

    Choosing the right category is extremely important. If you don’t choose the correct category for your post, your lecturer will assume you didn’t post any work.

  4. Now you can add an image and some text (if needed). Click Add Media. This opens a new screen. Here you can simply drag and drop your image(s).

  5. Make sure the right image is selected (blue tick), then click Insert into Post.
  6. You can check your post before publish it on your blog, by clicking Preview, and finally, you publish your post by clicking the blue Publish button. Only then will your post appear on your blog.