Ben Smith Essay

How does art contribute to the commercial world?

I have been exploring the theme of commercialized art, and how this contributes to the world around us. Throughout my investigations I have seen how art is used to sell many products, such as fashion advertisement and magazines. Despite artists benefiting financially and the empowerment of their visual language, this type of art becomes mass produced with the aim to sell products and loses its individually and uniqueness. Commercial art can be in the form of many aspects including branding logos graphic design and even illustrations. Whereas fin art would cover paintings sculptures print making photography and even performing arts.

Commercial art is often known advertising art hence the mass production and platforms it seen on. This form of art started in the 70s. Andy Warhol being the leading artist and at the forefront of this growing take on commercialized art. Warhol used leading brand Campbell’s soup and Coca-Cola to showcase this everyday product to consumers. By using pop art making it relevant and modern at its time.

Inspirations relating to my work.

Kaws, also known as Brian Donnelly, uses this name to showcase his artwork. His work started as repeated figurative characters that has become his trademark. This mickey inspired character has shot his career to fame. Being showcased throughout the world at famous landmarks to being embroidered onto clothing and even appearing as a generic face on the catwalk representing Calvin Klein. The character development began in the early 1990s, the beginning of Donnelly’s career, exploring the 2D and 3D form of this character. critiques have suggested that he is the modern day take on the earlier work of Andy Warhol. Kaws contribution to the art world has reached a wider audience from internet icons to famous rappers who all appreciate this style of Kaws. The key fundamentals and inspiration stems from his aspirations on graffiti culture and skateboarding, a young Brian Donnelly roamed the streets capturing pictures of his hometown hijacking advertising campaigns with hs name k-a-w-s. kaws stands up for popular art as accessible to all. Main sources of inspiration come from iconic figures of cinema and television. This artist continues to shake up the art world by giving free rein on different media platforms from drawing sculpture painting fashion and design. I personally am inspired by Brian Donnelly’s approach to graffiti and fashion that ultimately identifies him as one of the most innovative contempory artists in my opinion. This simple but yet effective image has catapulted this artist into the commercial world of art, all of contributing to the commercial art world.


Furthermore, Daniel Arshams work consists of his own concept of fictional archaeology and is portrayed through sculpture, architecture, drawing and film. Arshams most famous work would be of his sculptures that he creates by using profound sculptures of the past as the template and applying his crystalized trademark, calling them his future relics of the present. Arsham has applied his visual language to many of significant characters within pop culture such as the Pokémon series to famous singer the weekend, even with the notorious car brand Porsche, using different materials during the process.

I am personally inspired by Arshams work. His approach to “breaking the rules” when it comes to traditional ancient Greek figurative sculptures. Applying his eroded and crystalized twist to random objects and creating a scene with the crumbling statues that signify romance.

Similar to Kaws, Arsham has reached international fame by collaborating with adidas and several other famous organisations, gaining a loyal fanbase of his own who all share the aspirations of owning one of his crystallized sculptures to showcase in their homes. However, arshams work

I am personally inspired by Arshams approach to sculpture, his innovative ideas, and his diverse range of material. I specifically am captivated by his restricted colour pallet and simple but yet effective style that expresses a deeper meaning than eroded rock. It is in my opinion that the arshams work beholds a deeper meaning of romanticism and pop art that has catapulted his work an international level, benefitting the commercial world.


Takashi Murakami specializes in fine arts media, sculpture, and painting. As well as pursuing commercial success, such as fashion, merchandise, and animation. Murakami work is heavily appreciated, as it’s known for blurring the lines of high and low arts, and showcasing the co aesthetic characteristics of Japanese artistic tradition as well as enlightening his audience of the nature of post war Japanese culture and society, influencing other Japanese artists with his visual language. This leading contemporary artist known for his work for brands such as supreme, Christies and Lui Vuitton where he designed handbags for over 10 years. “At the root of my creative motivation is the influence of my Si-fi and my youth.” Similar to Kaws, Murakami both share child-like characteristics that can been seen within their work and have benefited them commercially. Murakami showcased this in 2007 for Kanye’s album cover graduation and directed/animated music video for west’s song “Good Morning”. In fall of 2015, Murakami collaborated with leading clothing brand Vans. The simplistic “Murakami flowers were adorned onto the apparel, which he kept exclusive by only allowing stores in a certain time frame to sell. He has also been heavily involved with rising stars billie Eillish, J Balvin and famous race car driver Sir Lewis Hamilton. This artist not only represents his rich history of his country but also his western influences such as Andy Warhol, all of which amounts his to success.

Tarsuhiko Akashi is famous for his empire of figures that resemble teddy bears, inspired by his childhood obsession with toys. The result is bear bricks, with its extremities of a teddy bear. His creations have spanned across the globe from the Beatles, again commemorations to Andy Warhol, Star Wars, daft punk and even Mercedes Benz. His collaborations have reached the highest of style and fashion and numerous clammer to work with the company, such as Levies, Good enough and Porter. Similar to the kaws figures, bear bricks are collectibles, comprised of nine parts that can move and have become and icon in both fashion and art, contributing to the commercial world. The two factors that contributed to his exclusivity where the uniqueness of its designs and limited-edition figures. The toy is a blank slate in which you can draw anything and customise to any brand.


How does art contribute to the commercial world? Art can enhance the company’s image. Art provides clues about a company’s image and its relationship to the consumer and community. an appreciation of a relationship between a business and a design. Commercial art can enhance a company’s identity and contribute to its overall financial position. Art can be expressed through so many platforms, such as social media, magazines, bill boards, products, making it essential to any growing concern also seen as a voice, sending a message as well as visual impact, and becomes lucrative to any business to ensure the art selected, relevant, current and in demand to society. It is in my opinion that commercial art is current and part of pop culture, relevant to today’s society and trends, and has giving me a different perspective on what I consider art to be, and the importance of reaching a further audience through the commercialised world.