Photography with Video

Photos from group activity assignment:

Photos I took for my photo book :

My Photo Book :


On the first day of this workshop we had to get into groups of 4 or 5 to come up with a story or idea to then show this through photographs. Our group worked well together when discussing different ideas. We decided to take photo around Belfast to show the story about two tourists who are walking around Belfast taking photos but are followed by two ghosts who are shown lurking in the background of these photos. I enjoyed this as it was fun and allowed me to improve my photo taking skills and think of more creative ideas when it comes to photography.

We were then asked to take pictures that tells the story of what goes on in our lives and then bring these photos in for the last workshop to show these in a photo book. I decided to take photos of places where I live, some where I’m on or getting off the train and a couple with my dog. I enjoyed doing this as it was fun looking for interesting and eye catching things to photograph and I liked editing the photos to make them stand out and fit the colour theme of my photo book. To print my photos I decided to use a photo station as I wanted them to be good quality.

For my photo book I decided to use a greyish purple shade as I thought this would contrast well with the colours and vibrancy of my photos. We were guided on how to make the book. Making the book didn’t take very long and was pretty simple to create. I struggled a bit with figuring out what order my photos were going to be in and how I was going to set everything out but I eventually figured it out by coming up with the story behind my photos which was showing my journey home as it’s getting late going back to something I love. After sticking in the photos I decided to use some materials on the pages to help it stand out more. I used materials and colours that I thought matched the photos on each page. Overall I liked how it turned out especially the colour scheme as I think it gave it more depth and gave it more emotion. Although I do think I did too much for some of the pages which I think made it a bit overwhelming and it might of looked more effective if I didn’t use more than one photo for almost all the pages.

Fine Art Sculpture/Lens




For this workshop we first had to do a word exercise where we started off with a word on a whiteboard then going round in a circle we each had to come up with a word similar to the word said by the person before. These words were all wrote down on the whiteboard. We had to choose 5 words from the whiteboard and create short videos based on that word. I did a few pages of planning to help me come up with the ideas for my videos. After recording my videos I used an editing app on my phone to add cool effects and to edit one of my videos which I did of my sister doing different dance moves. I had to shorten down all the videos then I included them all into one, I think this turned out well as she was mostly spinning in the videos so when I put the ones of her spinning after each other it looked like she was spinning for longer. I had to choose one video to project onto a sculpture. I decided to pick the video of my sister dancing as I thought it turned out the best and would look the most interesting when projected onto my sculpture. For The next day of this workshop we started off by planning ideas for our sculptures then start to build them. I didn’t know what to do for mine at first but Laura helped guide me and so I finally decided on making my sculpture with a spiral theme to it as my sister is mostly spinning in the video. I used cardboard to create the structure of the piece which was tube shaped and covered at the bottom. I then decided to cover the outside cardboard with white paper as I wanted to add more colour to the structure and knew the white would help them stand out. I decided to cover the inside and outside with Bubble wrap to as I thought it would make a nice effect with the projection. I then added red translucent paper to the top of the sculpture as I was going to project the video inside of the tube therefore wanted the front of it to look more interesting and vibrant. To incorporate the spiral theme into the sculpture I firstly decided to use a thick long metal wire and placed it around the outside going around it a few times. I then added some thinner wire and made them into outward facing spiral shapes. I then added a long and thin white wire on the inside of the tube and made it into a spiral going down and getting smaller towards the bottom to create an illusion effect. I wanted to add more colour and spirals so I cut out spiral shapes from coloured paper and added them onto the metal wires. I think this made a difference and helped the piece come together. To add on to the sculpture I decide to get a wooden figure and put it in a position where it looked like it was dancing. I placed this figure in-between the wires. Overall I think my sculpture turned out nicely and worked well with the video as it was projected inside on the last day of the workshop.

Fine Art Painting/Print






On the first day of this workshop we had to use a variety of different objects, both our own objects we had brought in and objects that were provided in the workshop space. We were told we all had to work together to make a sculpture with all the objects we had. I was a little hesitant to get involved at first as I wasn’t sure what to incorporate into the sculpture and what would make it look more interesting but once other people started adding things I was able to come up with more ways to add on to it. Overall I think our sculpture was good and the objects we used worked well together which created an interesting abstract piece.  After this we then had to do a few quick observational drawings of our sculpture which I enjoyed although found a little difficult as I didn’t know what part of the sculpture to focus on and I was spending too much time trying to things look realistic. The last thing we had to do for this day was an abstract collage based on our sculpture. I thought this was fun as we were able to create something however we wanted. I used a neon Green page for my background to help it stand out and I cut out abstract shapes based on some of my drawings and I used a few other materials like string and tissue paper to capture the thinner materials used in the sculpture.

For the Printmaking part of this workshop we firstly had to use one Indian ink in one colour to create several prints of either the objects in our drawings of the sculpture or our own designs. I did all of mine from the drawings I made which I think turned out well as the objects were simple to draw and turned out well. I wish I experimented with different colours as I did most of mine in black and the only other colour I used was red which didn’t turn out as vibrant as I wanted it to due to the red ink mixing with the black ink I used before, although I do think this created an interesting effect as the red mixed with the black gave it an almost gradient effect. After this we had to do prints where we had to paint different materials then place them facing up over a dark background. We then had to place a page over our design and use the printing press to transmit the ink onto the page which gave it a unique and cool effect. I enjoyed doing this and although I had little experience with printing I liked how my pieces turned out in the end.