IXD103 Project 01 – Design application ( Books, broachers and billboards )

This blog will be a quick summary of the last few applications that I applied my brand to.

The first was the book, I had designed the book already before the class critique, it just needed the colour changed;













The next thing was just to design a simple brochure. I hadn’t originally planned to design a brochure, but when I was in town one day I picked up a few local bank brochures. I thought I would do a quick case study and replication of them;
















What I noticed about all the brochures is the simplicity, a picture/pictures which take up a large amount of space, and whatever space is left is mostly consisted of white/negative space. I suspect the picture is large to catch attention, and also to allude to the people seeing the brochure they can be the also be like the people in the images.

Since the brochures I’m given have different pictures depending on what topic they are on ( savings, investments etc) and I only want a general brochure of my brand; I think I will use a combination of different photos I went to Unsplash to search for images for my own brochures. I tried to chose imagines that are not too cliche, from people of different sex and race to be inclusive;

















I originally tried out different styles in a slimmer brochure;























When I did decide that I rather have the brochure bigger to show off all the people in the pictures better;






















Lastly was the billboard. I originally hadn’t planned to do a billboard either, but during the critique session, i had seen a few of my classmates do it, and they looked really good. Another reason that I want to design a few billboards was that I haven’t really experimented with the different applications of the logo and bank card, doing a few mockup billboards is a good opportunity to experiment.

I have never designed a billboard before, so I did some research on what a good billboard should look like/include. Most of the articles I read stated that the billboard should not have too many words, should be attention grabbing and should have some sort of quick indication that allows customers to recognise your brand.

For indication purposes, I think either I’ll either have a giant logo or my brand’s signature colour gradient on display;



I really like the outcome, but I wasn’t sure people would tell that it is a bank. So I added an extra sentence;



















For now, I decided to not get too caught up in the wording, the purpose of the billboard was a creative concept to let me experiment with logos and colours, and I think I have achieved that. Now I can use these as examples in my brand guidelines to show other users to use the brand logo and colours.

The last thing I did was to rebrand my books so that it looks more coherent with the brochure and the billboard;





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