Model Sculpting Progress – Hair


I decided to sculpt the hair of my model next and looked at a lot of materials to try and figure out how I wanted to approach it.

This video was incredibly helpful, and I thought I could definitely use it with some changes to get the look I wanted. I also ended up having to watch some videos on how curves worked in Blender though, as I couldn’t wrap my head around it for some reason.

Modelling Attempt

I started off making the bangs using the method in the video, although making it a lot thicker and witch less strands.

For the main body of the hair, I took a sphere and sculpted it into the block shape of the hair, and then added the buns too. I liked this look for the stylised, chibi approach I wanted to go for. However it was also due to time constraints that I didn’t try making it all out of strands.

Then I used the strand hair method to add more small hair details, as I was getting mildly carried away with making it look detailed.

I sculpted the hair with it looking like it was being blown to the side, due to the pose I had sketched out having the hair moved like that. I figured it would be easier to just sculpt it like that than try to move it all afterwards. I’m pretty happy with how the hair looks overall, especially with the added smaller hairs for details.


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