3D Literacy – Assignment 2 – Reflection (200 words)

I really enjoyed working on this assignment for the limited time that I was able to due to moving house and having no time. Despite the short amount of time I had to do the project, I was pretty happy with the concept and the model itself. (Definitely not the technical side though) I am quite disappointed that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to, and I’ll probably do it for myself at a later date for peace of mind.

I think the model itself was great and I was really happy with it, and the texturing wasn’t that bad, especially given how little time i had left myself for texturing. However, when it came to the retopology I thought I was doing well with it, until it came to posing and nothing worked the way I wanted it to. Clearly, I need more practice in this. I wish I’d had more time to fix the things as I’m frustrated that’s how I had to leave it.

In terms of progress over the semester, I think my modelling skills have really improved and I believe it’s clear that’s where my skillset lies at the moment in terms of 3D. I need to practice more with texturing, as I still don’t fully understand how to do all the things I want to do

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